RODEO AND SHOWJUMPING 06-07 AUGUST 2011 6x4 $5 8x10 $15 & other sizes Hi there folks. Took longer than I expected to bring these photos to your view & my apologies. Below are 3 PDF files which contain ALL the pics in 3 sections labelled to make it easier to find objects of interest. Over the course of 2 days over one thousand photos so this is another logistic event to organise and severe thinking and reinvention of the wheel was required to make it easier for you [& me] to navigate a way through a lot of pics without YOU having to flick pages ad nauseam. All you have to do is CLICK on PDF FILE, it expands and on top will or should be] a circular plus and minus sign to make the pic larger or smaller then page up/page down oR CLICK AND DRAG rh curser & use mouse wheel or just drag to rapidly move thru ALL pics. HOME/END is ok to goto beginning/end instantly so if you are interested in was an event 1pm then a rough place to start looking is halfway down the pics which are all shewn in chronological order. Pic1/xxx is always the first shot of the event & labelled either DRESSAGE or SHOWJUMPING with specific number/total and if you quote that number it will be easy to make a matching print. Should b/w/colour be desired/cropping etc to get rid of excess cars/trees/humans that always seem to spam good shots you like that can be done too. I do my own printing and especially like canvas work and banners and posters are no problem either. The shots you see are low resolution, and while it is easy to print an A4 size print by clicking on the print icon upper left, pic will unfortunately have present --- my watermark in the middle and the photo name/number will print out too & mirabile dictu then miraculously disappear should a print be desired when I wave my magic wand in the general direction of the printer. While looking at expanded pic you will see resolution improves greatly if made smaller & click and drag page/down button after clicking to desired size then drag to see the film strip PLEASE NOTE. You may need a reader for PDF and a good one to use is FOXXIT READER - works ok, and best of all- its free! Any hassles email me and I’ll help if I can. DRESSAGE &RIBBONS SHOWJUMPING Made with Xara
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